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Quantum by Calen Morelli


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Quantum by Calen Morelli – it looks like a camera trick, but isn’t

Have you watched the trailer yet? Go on, watch it then come back.

Yup, it looks as good in real life as it does on video. A Sharpie penetrates a playing card, hyper-visually. It’s slid about the card, like The Moving Hole, then cleanly removed from the card.

Sure, the card is gimmicked and you’ll need to switch it. But wow, what a moment of magic you’ve created for your audience.

It’s the ideal mixture of hugely visual magic and incredibly well made, practical gimmickry we’ve come to expect from Calen Morelli.

The gimmick (hand-made in Texas by Davey “Rockit” Goddard) is astonishing. The highest possible quality. Well looked after, it will last and last.

This used to be sold for over $70 when Calen came up with the idea. Now, it’s lower price is putting it in reach of more performers.

It was designed to be done on Instagram, but with the touches, nuances and wrinkles explained in the highly detailed video instructions you can do it strolling or close up too.

You’ll be able to start performing this immediately. Simple. Visual. Practical. The best solid through solid penetration we’ve seen for some time.

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