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Digital Dissolve by BJ Bueno


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A half dollar is placed into a spectator’s closed hand. You rest a copper English penny on the back of that same hand. In the blink of an eye and without warning, the copper coin visually changes into the silver half dollar.

The half dollar is immediately shown on both sides. The spectator then slowly opens their hand to reveal the English penny. Both coins can be immediately handed out for full examination.

Originally published by magician Steve Dusheck, Digital Dissolve takes simple, effective coin magic to the next level with a streamlined copper / silver transposition routine that you’ll actually use.

In addition to precision made gimmicked coins handcrafted by Jamie Schoolcraft, the DVD also includes a bonus manuscript by Steve Dusheck explaining his original trick – along with additional tips on method and performance – in PDF format viewable on your computer.

Available in a high resolution DVD format with top notch video production, you will learn the psychology, the misdirection, the moves, and more taught by a professional that has been performing the trick for years – Dan White. Includes the coins by Jamie Schoolcraft and everything you need to know!

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