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Aladdin Playing Cards (1001) Red (Smooth Finish)

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An original design from 1885 by The National Card Co. Manufactured to withstand high temperatures and constant precipitation makes this deck great for outdoor use.

The cards feature a unique smooth finish – no embossing – that makes for a slick snappy card reminiscent of vintage casino-style decks ideal for Cardistry.

Although readily available in Asian countries such as Singapore we are pleased the offer the 1001 Aladdin playing cards exclusively on Art of Play for U.S. customers.

Each deck features 52 poker-size playing cards and 4 jokers. Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co in Erlanger, KY.

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1 review for Aladdin Playing Cards (1001) Red (Smooth Finish)

  1. alishbhomi

    Popularised by Kevin ho, Aladdin 1001 is one of the must-have decks for cardists not just because of its handling but the contribution that it has made in the cardistry community by filling the hands of every cardists back then when designer playing cards were not a thing.

    Talking about the deck itself,
    – Thicker stock = long-lasting [National Card Co. acquisition stock probably]
    – Smooth finish{
    Packets tend to stick together when executing complicated cuts with minor compromisation on fanning ability
    Fanning powder can’t be used due to lack of air pockets/embossing on cards
    – Traditionally cut resulting in smooth faros from both directions
    – Includes four identical jokers which can be utilised in several magic routines especially packet effects

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