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COPAG 310 introduces the exclusive True Linen B9 Finish for supreme handling and the ultimate flourish. Inspired by you. Developed in the pursuit of mastery. Made for players, cardists and magicians.

COPAG 310 is developed closely together with expert players, cardists and magicians for over two years. The exclusive TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH of the COPAG 310 deck ensures supreme handling and longevity, and is developed specifically for the pursuit of the perfect sleight and the ultimate flourish.
This finish is the result of intense R&D and more than 300 prototypes, tried and tested. This to create a deck ready to use straight out of the box. The soft but springy nature of the cards, and the smoothness of handling lie in a carefully constructed balance between stock, coating, linen finish and cutting.
Tailored to your needs.

  • “I like to think that B9 stands for Butterfly 9 because I like my card to be associate with the world’s best quality”
    Ondrej Psenicka 
  • “The B9 Finish is soft, durable and feels great in the hands”
    Shin Lim

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2 reviews for COPAG 310 PLAYING CARDS – BLUE

  1. avmanaen

    COPAG 310 Blue, no doubt handles great out of the box, that silky smooth feeling on touch and such a vibrant color, haul em when they are around!!!

  2. Harshit goel (verified owner)

    Copag310 a hobbyist review.

    These cards are as thick as Archdukes….. But are they any better ?????

    I have been looking for a Cartamundi printed deck, that used the B9 stock with True lenin finish, just to know what the fuzz is all about, and I got the Copag310 from deception52 today.

    NOTE: this deck requires some time to get used to.

    Cartamundi until recently was not seen as a deck maker for cardists or magic. But that changed when Touch deck came out. And now there is foray of decks from cartamundi that have been marketed as best deck for magic and cardistry.

    I have tried a lot of decks from USPCC and LPCC, and Copag310 provide a very unique proposition.

    These cards reminds me of the Archduke deck, due to their thickness. This deck is AS thick as Archduke playing cards. Now the similarities end there and then, so don’t stop reading. The thickness betrays the fact how soft these cards are. This deck is as soft as Cincinnati blue sealed Tally Ho deck when they are broken in properly.

    The texture on the deck is very unique, and not anything I have seen before. The texture feels like a cotton cloth. A REAL COTTON CLOTH.

    With all this details of feel, texture, and thickness, let’s talk about handling. Now these deck are very soft and hence feel broken-in right out of the box. The handling also reflect the fact that they feel performance ready deck.


    For a deck that is as thick as Archdukes, I was sceptical how are they going to feel. I still can not understand how is it possible for a deck so thick can be soft and free flowing. This deck will be surely be liked by Magicians. For cardists, this deck will take sometime in getting used to, just because how thick they are. But like Archduke, they are going to be durable and will be best for practice.

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